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At Kritek, we are driving success through innovation, teamwork, experience, and expertise. Our quickly growing and fast paced software development team values strong communication skills, cooperation, professionalism and of course a good sense of humor as the foundation that brings us together to collectively get the best job done. We find and create solutions for both government agencies and the private sector in a motivated and ethical environment where our team excels because individuals’ strengths come together.

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e-mail: – Colorado Traffic Information System (CTIS) Project

    Intuitive visual management and tracking of all roadway activities

    Regional Transportation District (RTD)

    Kritek helped the RTD development team with architecture, design and development of web interfaces for busses/light rail schedules for operations, schedule-information sharing with travelers, and monitoring of actual schedules

    Full Color Dynamic Sign & Trip Travel Time Project

    Built an arterial-congestion map in Highlands Ranch using toll-tag readers. It displays color-based travel time on full-matrix color signs with team-designed DMS NTCIP drivers using version 2.35a to integrate full-color signs

    DART – Parking Management Solution

    Developed a Parking Management System for multiple parking lots using Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). Sensors collect information and it calculates lot occupancy and vacancy to determine Parking Stations’ available capacity

    Arterial Congestion Map Project

    Helped the City & County of Denver build and integrate its first Arterial Congestion Map (ACM) in the Downtown and Denver Metro area. Integrated Autoscopes, RTMS, and other devices to collect speed, occupancy and volume from arterials

    I-70 Peak Period Shoulder Lane (PPSL) Tolled Express Lane Project

    Corridor Management module in CTMS expanded to manage the shoulder lane on I-70 for “hard shoulder running”. Pre-defined implementation plans for operators to open and close the lane

    Active Traffic Management on US-36 & I-25 Northbound

    Expansion of ATM module to include the calculation of speed and travel time for HOV and express lanes to enable the posting of different travel times for general purpose lanes and express lanes

    Active Traffic Management on US-36

    Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) module in CTMS enables dynamic lane management with LUS, SMVMS and VMS devices. Dynamic Roadway signage displays on SMVMS devices to warn drivers of roadway hazards. Variable Speed Limit (VSL) detects and calculates congestion to display speed advisories on LUSes based on current speed, volume, density and occupancy on the roadway.

    Colorado Traffic Management System (CTMS)

    Built and designed core elements, subsystems, third-party integration, information dissemination and information sharing under one umbrella.