Custom Development


While Kritek offers an “out of the box” solution for Advanced Traffic Management, our team can also customize for different uses and locales. Additionally, Kritek has a longstanding history of advanced custom development for transportation management by designing and building applications to meet varied requirements from different clients. Our strength lies in the ability to provide custom design and development while adhering to industry standards to ensure the ability to integrate, upgrade, adapt, and continue to customize over time.

ITS Design


Years of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) experience enable our team to offer the advice and support necessary to arrive at the best solution for managing traffic and traffic related issues. From designing, building and implementing an Active Traffic Management module to suggesting the best roadway devices for your application, Kritek provides intelligent design solutions to your traffic management needs.

Cloud Solution


With the implementation of the cloud based Active Traffic Management System, Kritek offers:
• Initial Service Contract – product configuration and installation
• Maintenance Subscription – enhancements and new releases
• Development Contract – additional or custom functionality
All subscribers benefit from the ingenuity of the team and that of other subscribers as new development or functionality that is created for the cloud solution will become available to all subscribers with only the need to configure.

Project Management


With years of experience on software development projects for transportation and traffic solutions, Kritek has the knowledge and tools to effectively manage projects from start to finish. We keep our clients informed of progress and maintain open communication to ensure that any obstacles are efficiently resolved so that we can adhere to schedules and scope unless changes are agreed upon with the client. Our team works both for and with your team to make sure that your project is a success.

Custom Dispatch App


A custom solution to manage your fleet is available including AVL integration, Mobile device integration and many more features that Kritek will easily upgrade our out-of-the-box solution. Easily identify where any vehicle in real-time. Quickly, dispatch not only the closest unit, but the one that can their there the quickest. A real time saver.

Data Warehouse


Kritek supports the design, build and integration with data storage solutions. This is to insure your data is available for running reports, calculations and history analysis. This Business Intelligence tool is key to making decision for the future.



Kritek offers the expertise necessary to implement, improve, and maintain traffic management solutions over time as well as generate solutions specific to your needs by proposing improvements, additions, and innovations in the industry. For example, our team can help to determine the most effective placement for speed devices and support the development and testing of the calculations necessary to generate meaningful and accurate travel times.

Web and Mobile App


Kritek can offer custom Websites for communicating with the public about all traffic related issues using the data management system. Our team also has experience creating secure mobile-apps that integrate with the system and enable traffic management from a variety of settings. The Kritek team has experience developing applications for a variety of devices including mobile. The system is also capable of integrating with existing applications to share or receive data.