The Kritek Advanced Traffic Management Solution (ATMS) is an integration platform for which a variety of intuitive modules is available. Each of these modules can be integrated into the ATMS platform for additional and more advanced functionality. The established products below not only make traffic management easier and more efficient for the operators, but combine common data into a single repository for accurate analysis needed by management. Contact us if there is a module— existing or new—about which you would like more information.


Klover is an Incident Management Software-as-a-Service focused on the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industry. Klover’s cloud-based architecture scales to meet the needs of ITS organizations of any size while maximizing visibility, collaboration, and flexibility in your unique operations.

  • Take control through real-time process integration
  • Quickly and seamlessly integrate your existing business processes
  • Flexible solution with endless customization possibilities

Events Module

  • timeline Timeline of what happened
  • message Track device messaging
  • repeat Automate/facilitate recurring event creation
  • User_change Who and when changes were made
  • road Road Conditions Tracking
  • report Audit history & reporting
  • camera_snap Camera snapshot
  • EventSch2 Event Scheduling
  •  eventInt Event integration with:
  •  ATM/ICM
  • Call Log and tracking
  • Alarms
  • Road & weather
  • And many other modules


Integrated Corridor Management

  • ActiveTrafiic Active traffic management corridors
  • Toll Tolling
  • shoulder Hard shoulder running
  • TrafficEvent Automatic integration with Events
  • Save Saved plans for specific traffic messaging for many device types
  • varySpeed Variable speed limit
  • SpeedMan Algorithm for speed management during an incident
  • UI WYSIWYG UI for creating content
  • messageBox Validation to prevent erroneous messaging

  • ccr CCR Weather
  • noaa NOAA Weather
  • update_weather Custom Operator Updates
  • mdss MDSS Integration

Travel Information Systems

  • web Custom Web Development
  • reference site
  • InterMapTra Interactive Map Layers
  • Road Conditions
  • Speeds
  • Construction
  • StreamIcon Streaming and Still Camera display
  • contentMan Content Management System
  • serverStack State of the Art technology stack

Reporting and Business Intelligence

dataInte Cognos integration
dataArch Archiving Database
warehouse Enterprise Data Warehouse

Alarms and Notifications

  • alarm Intuitive Alarm System
  • alarmRules Extensive Alarm Rules Manager
  • Queue Simple Instruction Queue for Devices
  • Logging Detailed Logging

Enterprise Architecture

  • EAI EAI – Enterprise Application Integration
  • SOA SOA – Service Oriented Architecture
  • ESB ESB – Enterprise Service Bus

Connected Vehicle

  • suv Vehicle to Infrastructure
  • MathIcon Extensive Speed Algorithm
  • shareData Ability to Share Data
  • PhoneApp Phone App to receive Notifications

GIS Management Module


  • map_layer Dynamic Device Layers
  • map_city Static Layers – MM, City Roads..
  • map_device Device Management access